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February 2019 updates and highlights

2019 is well under way. Don't miss out on marketing opportunities that we offer throughout the year.

The advantage of participating at an event early in the year is that you have the remainder of the year to get ad hoc business for that same year. But whenever you decide to do an event, it's worth it!

Please take the time to review the schedule below. Participation is available on a "first come, first served" basis so sign up as soon as you can!


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Ghana is on its way to becoming the next biggest tourist destination in Africa and the world at large

Swimming pool at a hotel in Ghana

Ghana recently unveiled a 15-year-long tourism plan that seeks to increase the annual number of tourists to Ghana from one million to eight million per year by 2027. Check out this article from Business Insider (Feb 8, 2019 issue).


Meet Kevin at ITB in Berlin!

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Kevin will be attending ITB in Berlin on March 6 and 7 only. Please email him (or send a message via WeChat) to set up an appointment!

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Kevin's interview with Prince Sabena, Owner / Director, Redroad Tours

Prince Sabena presenting during Redroad's FAM Trip

Kevin sat down with Prince Sabena, Owner/Director of Redroad Tours following Redroad's FAM Trip in January 2019 to Uganda which Africa Travel Alliance helped to organize and promote.

This was your first FAM Trip in the US market. Was it what you expected?

To be honest, we did not know what to expect since it was our first FAM Trip. Our goal was to learn from the FAM, I believe we accomplished that.

Do you think the number of days was sufficient? Or too much?

It definitely was not too much. I felt that we could have used an extra day to spread out some of the activities. However, most of the feedback we got was that 8 days was ideal.

What were the favorite activities on the trip?

Rhino tracking, game viewing on safari and a home visit of the Abide Family Center.

Group on FAM trip

Do you feel like you made good contacts on the FAM?

Yes, we did! We made 2 or 3 contacts we believe will be a great resource in the future.

You were able to partner with Kenya Airways and include discounted air fare from JFK. Do you think this was a benefit (did the agents appreciate this extra service)? How was working with Kenya Airways?

Yes, the agents loved having the flights included. In fact, that's what made the FAM Trip attractive to them. Working with Kenya Airways on the other hand was not easy. We ended up changing to Fly Emirates who were much more favorable for groups.

How did you qualify the agents? Is there anything you would do differently to qualify them?

We had an agent sign up form on our website with questions about them and their business. We used their response to the questions to vette them. However, the questions were not good enough. Next time, we would like to ask them to provide financial statements, show a history of selling Africa or other unconventional destinations for their business and may also have them write a short essay explaining why taking the FAM Trip is important to them.

You mentioned that there were some long stretches by bus in the itinerary? Would you change this for future FAM's? Did participants say that they would pay more for this convenience?

Yes, we will change this for future FAM's. The major issue was the means of transport. The bus was not a good idea. We have used it before for school groups. however, considering the age group of our FAM participants and the lifestyle they are used to, the bus was not comfortable enough for them. Which made the trips feel long and exhausting. Next time, we would use smaller 5-seater minivans which we normally use for most of our FIT's.

The participants were from varied backgrounds - some wanted volunteer activities and some wanted more luxury products. How did you balance this disparity (or adjust the program)?

The majority were from the luxury travel and cruises industry with an interest in safaris. However, most of them were curious about the volunteer programs. Once they experience the volunteer program with Abide, it warmed them up to the idea of adding volunteering opportunities to a safari trip. Most of them recommended that we should offer a day or two max at the beginning of the trip.

During the FAM, you had the opportunity to speak with the participants about other programs that you offer. Were there any programs in particular that they were interested in?

A number of them expressed interest in Gorilla trekking and a safari in Kenya.

Time wise prior to the FAM, you introduced the FAM as Travel Agent Forum in March (with deadline of October to commit to the January departure). Do you think this was enough time or would you adjust this?

I think this was enough time. However, most of the firm interest in the FAM Trip came between September and November. We are planning on adjusting the dates of the FAM Trip from January to maybe late February or March.

Were we, at Africa Travel Alliance, able to help make this FAM Trip successful? And how? (trade show, email campaigns, exposure in trade media - did any one thing work better than another, in your opinion)?

Africa Travel Alliance (ATA) was of great help. We received a lot of interest from the exposure at trade shows. However, we received a lot more interest from participants who ATA met at trade shows in the latter part of the year. And some of these shows, ATA was not officially representing us but you were handing out the FAM Trip brochures out of good will. We turned down a number of people in November that were serious about signing up for the FAM Trip.

Are you planning another FAM Trip? When? (do you have an itinerary... or when will you be announcing the date/itinerary)?

Yes, we are! It will take place in March 2020. The itinerary and dates will be released early next month. ATA will be the first to know!


Following is a list of trade shows and sales missions where we can represent your company under the Africa Travel Alliance umbrella. There are some opportunities where you can be present as well (where indicated).

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